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Proper use of air conditioners
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First, choose the right air-conditioning temperature. Of course, in summer, many people like to keep the temperature low. As everyone knows, when the temperature is adjusted too low, it will affect physical health, so the temperature adjustment of the air conditioner must be appropriate. The most suitable temperature for the human body is 20 ° C to 25 ° C, and above 28 ° C, people will feel stuffy. Below 14 ° C, people feel cold. Therefore, the air conditioner should control the temperature inside the car between 18 ℃ and 25 ℃, the temperature is too easy to make people sick.

Second, the summer cycle will immediately start the inner cycle. When the car is parked in the hot sun for a long time, some owners like to turn on the air conditioner and start the internal circulation as soon as they start the car. They think that this can make the temperature in the cabin drop faster. But because the temperature inside the car is higher than the outside temperature, it does not work well. When you first enter the car, you should open the window to ventilate, and start the external circulation to exhaust the hot air. After the temperature in the compartment has dropped, switch to the internal circulation.

3. Everyone knows to use air conditioners in a fully enclosed state. The same is true for automobile air conditioners. If the doors and windows are not closed tightly during use, the cooling effect will be poor, and fuel will be wasted.

Fourth, the direction of the air conditioning outlet can be adjusted at will. Some car owners do not pay attention to adjusting the direction of the air conditioner when using the air conditioner, which is not conducive to the better effect of the air conditioner. According to the principle that the cold air sinks and the hot air rises, the correct approach should be that the air outlet is upward when the cold air is turned on, and the air outlet is downward when the heating is turned on.

Fifth, keep the air conditioner on for a long time. Some car owners often turn on the air conditioner after getting on the car, but long-term use of the air conditioner will cause excessive pressure on the condenser, which will cause loss of the refrigeration system, because the air conditioner is a heavy burden on the engine, and the engine itself is a heat Body, not to mention in hot weather. Some small-displacement cars even have water boiling in this situation, which affects driving and reduces the efficiency of air conditioning. Therefore, you should not use the air conditioner for too long each time. If the temperature in the car has reached a comfortable temperature, you can turn off the air conditioner and turn it on after a while.

6. Don't smoke in the car with the air conditioner on. Due to smoking in the cabin, the smoke cannot be discharged at once, and the eyes and respiratory system are not good for health. If smoking, the air conditioning ventilation control should be adjusted to the "exhaust" position to allow the smoke in the cabin to be discharged outside the cabin.

7. Do not rest or sleep for a long time in an air-conditioned parked car. Because the car is well-sealed, when the car is stopped, the air permeability in the compartment is poor. If the air conditioner is used to rest or sleep at this time, it is likely that the CO gas emitted by the engine leaks into the car, causing poisoning and even death.

8. Try not to use air conditioners when driving at low speeds. When encountering traffic jams during driving, do not run the engine at a higher speed to improve the air conditioning efficiency, because doing so will adversely affect the service life of the engine and the air conditioning compressor.

Nine, turn off the air before turning off the air conditioner. Some car owners often think of turning off the air conditioner after turning off the engine. This is harmful to the engine, because when the vehicle starts next time, the engine will start with the load of the air conditioner. Such a high load will damage the engine. Therefore, the air conditioner should be turned off and then turned off after each stop, and the air conditioner should also be turned on after the vehicle has been started for two or three minutes and the engine has been lubricated.

With the booming development of the Chinese automobile industry, consumers will pay more attention to the stability, entertainment, assistance and energy saving and emission reduction of automobiles in the future, and some new automotive air conditioning products that meet the requirements of energy saving and environmental protection will be more popular; In terms of technological development trends, automotive air conditioners will develop in the direction of environmentally friendly air-conditioning, green air-conditioning, small-scale energy saving, comfort, and automation.

10. Maintenance of air-conditioning refrigeration system. The starting engine of the electric vehicle runs normally. Turn on the cooling switch A / C and check whether the electromagnetic clutch can be engaged.

If the electromagnetic clutch is engaged and the compressor does not rotate, check the resistance of the clutch coil. If the resistance is less than the specified value, it means that the coil turns are short-circuited, and the coil should be replaced; if the resistance meets the specified value, it means that the compressor is stuck inside, and the compressor should be repaired or replaced; if the compressor is operating normally, the storage dryer or the Whether the expansion valve is blocked.

If the electromagnetic clutch does not engage, check the voltage on the power line at the low-voltage switch. If the voltage is zero, check whether the temperature control switch and the circuit connection are normal; if the voltage is normal, you can short-circuit the low-voltage switch. At this time, if the electromagnetic clutch still does not engage, check whether the electromagnetic clutch coil or the connection line is open, and the electromagnetic clutch If it can pull in, you should check whether the amount of refrigerant in the system is proper and test whether the compressor works normally.

Automotive air conditioners, as energy-intensive automobile parts, are of great significance in seeking air-conditioning energy conservation and environmental protection. Therefore, providing energy-saving, reliable performance air-conditioning systems is very important to occupy the market, which will also become the development of China's automotive air-conditioning technology in the future. Direction.

In terms of structure and system design, automotive air conditioners still have a lot of potential for energy saving. Although automotive air-conditioning technology is relatively mature, manufacturers can still make improvements in their structures and systems. China, as the world's larger producer and consumer of HCFC-22, the elimination of HCFCs has become a major turning point and challenge for the automotive air-conditioning industry.

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