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Maintenance method of vehicle air conditioner
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Car air conditioners must not only be used correctly, but also be reasonably maintained. Below I will introduce four methods about car air conditioning maintenance:

Method 1: Check the air conditioner.

When using air conditioners in summer, you should first check the air conditioning system, such as checking whether the refrigerant and air conditioning filter elements are dirty through the liquid storage tank, and whether there are foreign objects in the radiator.

Method 2: Pay attention to the cleaning of the air conditioner.

Some novices always have to wait until the air conditioner is not effective before they think of cleaning the air conditioner. This is not right. The air conditioner filter that should be done should be replaced regularly because Beijing has more sand and dust in the spring and catkins will fly. These will stick to the filter, which will easily grow and cause the air conditioner to have a musty smell. Therefore, it should be replaced once every spring. In addition, the condenser must be cleaned regularly, and the water tank must be removed to clean it.

Method 3: Do not turn off the air conditioner after stopping.

When the owner arrives at the destination, he usually leaves the air-conditioned door directly after leaving. Unlike autumn and winter seasons, the huge temperature difference between the inside and outside of the car during hot summer days can cause mold on the air conditioning system, which in turn breeds mold. Therefore, the vehicle owner should turn off the air-conditioning and turn on the natural wind a few minutes before reaching the destination, so that the temperature in the air-conditioning pipe rises and eliminates the temperature difference from the outside, so as to keep the air-conditioning system relatively dry and prevent mold from breeding.

Method 4: Regular large air volume.

Some car owners do not like the noise emitted when the air conditioner is turned on to high gears, so they rarely or never turn the air conditioner to high air volume. However, when the air conditioner is used, a lot of dust is sucked in, and the strong wind is regularly blown to blow out the floating dust on the inner surface of the air conditioner. This is a simple method to keep the air conditioner clean. In addition, special air cleaning solution should be used for cleaning and deodorization.

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