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How to check vehicle air conditioning
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First check whether the refrigerant is sufficient. It can be estimated by sensing the temperature difference between the inlet and outlet lines of the dryer, or by means of a manifold pressure gauge.

Secondly, always clean the dust and dirt on the air outlet and the cab. Not only does this help the aesthetics of the car, it is also good for the health of the driver and passengers.

Third, regularly check whether the liquid level of the refrigerant in the air conditioning system is normal. There are several ways to check the liquid level, but a common and simple method is to use the peephole of the dryer to check.

Fourth, check if the compressor belt is good. If the surface of the belt is in contact with the groove of the pulley, the side is bright, and there is a “squeaking” noise when starting the air conditioner, indicating that the belt is slippery, the belt and the pulley should be replaced; if the belt is too loose, it should be adjusted, otherwise the air conditioning system will not cool well

Fifth, check the air conditioning system hoses and joints for oil. If leakage is found, the maintenance department should be consulted for a solution in time.

In addition, when the car air conditioner is used for the first time in another season, it is better to handle the air conditioning system. This is because the air conditioning system will cause mold on long-term "vacations", which not only makes the air emit an unpleasant musty smell, but also is harmful to the health of people in the car. This work can be carried out in a repair shop, or it can be handled by purchasing a special spray *.

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