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How to clean a car air conditioner
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1.Replace the dust filter

Conventional air conditioning system cleaning includes replacing filter elements, using cleaning agents, and removing and cleaning. Replacing the dust filter is a simple method. It is low cost but keeps the air intake open. Car owners with a little mechanical knowledge can clean it by themselves. The dust filter for most small cars is under the front windshield of the car and is covered by a drain. When replacing the dust filter, you can first open the engine cover, remove the clip that fixes the water tank, and remove the * water tank, and you can see the dust filter. If the dust filter is not used for a long time, you can blow it with high pressure air; if it is blocked, remove it and replace it with an original dust filter, and then install it as it is.

2.Outer circulation duct

There are many types of cleaning agents on the market for cleaning air conditioning ducts, and car owners can buy them by themselves. Remove the dust filter, start the vehicle, turn on the air conditioner and place the air conditioner in the outer circulation block, spray the foamy cleaning agent to the dust filter, and the external circulating air of the air conditioner will suck the cleaning agent into the air duct, and The air conditioner evaporator and the warm air water tank are divided into objects to remove the odor, and the odor will be removed, and the dirt will become liquid and flow out of the air conditioner outlet. After the cleaning work is completed, the dust filter is replaced, and fresh air will be blown out from the air outlet in the car.

3.Send it to the maintenance station for cleaning

The dust filter is replaced and the air duct is cleaned by using a cleaning agent. If the air volume of the air outlet is still small and the odor is not completely removed after cleaning, you can only go to the repair shop to remove the air box and replace the evaporation. And clean the shell of the air-conditioning heating device manually. However, the bellows is generally installed under the instrument panel of the car, and the maintenance workload is large and the cost is high.

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