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Solutions for air conditioning without refrigeration
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1. The internal or external fan or capacitor is damaged:

The main performance is: if the external fan is bad, the main performance is that the exhaust temperature is too high or the high pressure is too high; if the internal fan is bad, the internal machine is frosted.

2. Refrigerant leakage or refrigerant quality is not enough:

Because the arrival of summer has brought about the prosperity of the refrigerant market, many unqualified refrigerants have appeared on the market. If you happen to buy this refrigerant, your car's air conditioner is not cooling, which is normal. If so, as long as you change the car air-conditioning refrigerant.

3.The zero-fire wire of the air-conditioning power supply is reversed:

This phenomenon usually occurs only when a car air conditioner is installed. If everything is normal after the car air conditioner is installed, this phenomenon can be ruled out.

4, the compressor capacitor is damaged or bad

If the car compressor capacitor is damaged or bad, it will cause the compressor to not work. The main performance is that both the inside and outside of the car are working, the compressor will not rotate, and it will cause overheating.

5.The control board of the air conditioner or the external unit is faulty

The main performance is: the car air conditioner is not reflected or the car air conditioner "chaos" phenomenon

6.The temperature sensing head of the car air conditioner reaches the set temperature

In fact, the car air conditioner is the same as the indoor air conditioner at home. If the room temperature sensor of the car air conditioner reaches the set temperature, the external air conditioner will not work. The main performance is: After the air conditioner reaches a certain temperature, it enters a shutdown state.

In such a hot season, not cooling the car air conditioner is a very troublesome problem for many car owners. But as long as you find out why the car air conditioner is not refrigerating, you can successfully solve the problem of non-refrigeration. The above introduces several reasons and solutions. Some of them can be repaired by themselves. Let us try to find out why.

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