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Type of vehicle air conditioner
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1. Divided according to the driving mode: single type (dedicated one engine-driven compressor, large refrigeration capacity, stable work, but high cost, large size and weight, mostly used for large and medium-sized passenger cars) and non-separate type (air-conditioning compressors) It is driven by a car engine, and its cooling performance is greatly affected by the engine work, and its stability is poor, and it is mostly used for small passenger cars and cars.

2. According to the performance of air-conditioning, it is divided into single function type (the refrigeration, heating, and ventilation systems are installed separately and operated independently without interference, and are mostly used on large passenger cars and trucks) and integrated cooling and heating (common cooling, heating, and ventilation) The blower and the air duct are controlled on the same control board. When working, it can be divided into a combination of cold and warm air, and a mixed thermostat that can work at the same time. Multi-purpose hybrid thermostat is used in cars).

3. According to the control method, it is divided into manual mode (control function temperature, wind speed and wind direction by dialing the function keys on the control panel) and electric control pneumatic adjustment (using the vacuum control mechanism, when the air conditioning function key is selected, it can be set at the predetermined temperature Automatic control of temperature and air volume).

4. According to the control method, it is divided into: fully automatic adjustment (using calculation and comparison circuit, control of the adjustment mechanism through sensor signals and pre-adjusted signals to automatically adjust the temperature and air volume) and microcomputer-controlled full-automatic adjustment

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