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1998:Signed a contract with Caterpillar (CAT) for construction machinery, 988 loaders, 320 excavators for cold and warm air conditioning.

2000: The second generation of electric crane air-conditioning heating and heating air-conditioning system developed for the second-generation truck crane was developed on time, and many experiments were conducted to obtain satisfactory results.

2002: Obtained national patent, patent name: electric driving air-conditioning system for truck crane, patent number: (ZL02111 266.5).

2004: After the national quality certification management system, supervision and inspection: (Beijing Zhongda Huayuan Certification Center) issued a quality certification. Since then, Pengtai's automotive crane air conditioning system has been included in the domestic trusted products.

2006: The company's products supporting XCMG products followed the Chinese peacekeeping engineering units to Africa Sudan and entered the international arena.

2010: The company's products supporting the central enterprise Jingwei Haihong Agricultural Machinery Technology Co., Ltd. officially entered the Northeast market, and opened the field of agricultural machinery ever since.

2011: Signed an air-conditioning supporting contract with Changsha Zhonglian (formerly Puji).

2015: Signed air-conditioning spare parts and air conditioner supply agreement with XCMG Heavy.

2016: The company's overhead air conditioner was escaped to support XCMG bulldozer export test models.

2019: XCMG signed a supply agreement for air-conditioning spare parts and air conditioners.


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